showjumping scottie no refusals here and setting goals for the future

With Scottie’s injury I have found it really hard to get motivated, let alone set us some goals for the future. But luckily I had a fantastic call with Bonita from Equine-Edge and it has given me the kick up the bum I needed!

world poetry day, Scottie and friend cantering through water

Today is world poetry day and since horses have been involved in the development of mankind since ancient times, it is no wonder that horses have featured heavily in art.…

honeychop plus herbs great for feeding the thoroughbred

I have fed Scottie various chaffs in the time I have had him, from alfalfa with added oil, to low calorie molasses free options. At the time, I never had a problem with these feeds. Scottie looked good on them and he was happy. But since switching to Honeychop, I have started to notice some key differences.