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Superstition in the Equine World.

Horse Shoe

As with anything linked with tradition, the equine world is full of superstition. The majority of these claims are old wives tales, but often seem strangely true. Others, although not scientifically proven, could easily be seen as true and probably could be tested. I’m sure you have all come across various ones and all have your own opinion on them. Here are some of my favourites:

High Maintenance Chestnuts.

You have probably heard about chestnuts having a reputation for being ‘difficult’. But what’s worse than having a chestnut? A chestnut mare. Where this idea came from I have no idea. But the amount of times I have come across it is crazy, especially when it comes to thoroughbreds!

Profits Thumb Mark

A profits or Muhammad’s thumb mark is an imprint or dent found on a horses neck or shoulder and its said to be a sign of a good horse. This originates from a story where Muhammad left 40 horses out in the desert without food or water. When he came back 40 days later, the ones who were still alive he pressed his thumb onto them marking them as good horses. If your thumb fits the imprint on a horse, the horse is meant to be perfect for you.

Silver Tail

In racing, horses with a silver tail or silver in the tail are said to be lucky.

Four White Legs

In racing, a horse with 4 white legs is unlucky. This could be linked to the idea that white feet and legs are ‘weaker’ or more prone to skin related problems.

Name Change

Many people believe that changing a horses name is bad luck.

Horse Shoe

If you hang a horseshoe so its a U it is lucky. If you hang it the other way up to make an N shape it is unlucky.

White Dog

If you see a white dog you should stay silent until you see a white horse.

Grey horse

If you see or pass a grey horse on the way to the church, it means the bride and groom should be lucky.

Horse in the House

Leading a horse through the house can counter act bad lucky from breaking a mirror or spilling salt.

There are plenty more interesting ones including using horses as protection from witches or evil. However, the first ones I mentioned are ones I have come across a few times and do seem to be true on occasions. (I’m not saying they are fact!) I’m sure I’ve missed plenty out.

Please share any more you can think of!

Last Updated on 16/09/2020

2 thoughts on “Superstition in the Equine World.”

  1. I heard that you had to keep the horseshoe making a ‘u’ because if you turned it over all the luck would fall out. 😉 Not that I believe it. *rolls eyes*

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