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Horse Mediums: A Skeptical Visit.

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As you may have guessed from my sciency background, I am fairly sceptical about things such as mind reading, contacting spirits and in this case talking to horses. However, I do also consider myself a fairly spiritual person. It is not that I do not believe that these things are impossible, more so that when it comes to exchanging money I feel that there are a lot of fakes out there. Anyone who has a bond with a horse or practices natural horsemanship will be able to tell you that horses DO tell you things, if you know how to listen to them. So to me Horse Mediums is a really interesting idea.

What are Horse Mediums?

Horse Mediums claim to be able to tell you what your horse wants to tell you and ask them any questions you may have. They work using an idea that when humans say things they imagine the image. (Example: before you say its a tractor, you see a tractor in your mind.) Somehow the horse then picks up on this image. Similarly, the horse talks to the medium by sharing an image and linking it to an emotion. – I know, sounds very fluffy!

However, a few people from my yard saw a horse medium while away at camp and really wanted to do it again. Therefore, before I knew it half the yard wanted their horses done. They shared all sorts of stories where Horse Mediums have mentioned things about the horse they couldn’t possibly know. Everyone also said to me that Scottie would be very interesting to get done, as nothing seems to bother him. After a lot of thinking I decided that I would be interested as to what he had to say.

What the Horse Medium knew beforehand.

Before I go into some details about what was said, I would like to state the following: the medium never saw Scottie walk, only tied up on the yard. He only saw him from the right side, He never touched him or got closer than 2-3m. He never saw any of his rugs, tack, boots ect. Only the red head collar he was wearing. (It’s important for some of the things he mentions.)

When it was my turn he asked me what Scottie’s name was, his age and how long I had had/known him. After this he watched him quietly.

What the Horse Medium said

The Physical Things

The first thing ‘Scottie told him’ was that he had neck soreness on the right side and that he had strained the muscles along the bottom of his neck in the past. Although Scottie’s neck shape has changed drastically over the past year, it still isn’t perfect and you can tell he must carry his head high occasionally. So this bit wasn’t convincing. However, the right side is is weaker side and I do try to work him on it, so the soreness could very well be true. 

Next he mentioned how Scottie liked how his feet are now. However Scottie wants them a bit more upright and not quite as short as it puts strain on his right foreleg. Again, this could be said by looking at his feet, if you have a good eye. So again, I’m not convinced by this.

‘Scottie’ also said that he doesn’t like a brown saddle as it doesn’t follow his spine. He went into some detail about pressure and areas of more discomfort. Again this is something to look into, however, Scottie does have a slightly bent withers so no saddle may fit properly. However, ‘Scottie’ then went on to say how he liked the half pad I put under it.

‘Scottie’ then wanted to say how much he loved his jumping and how that flat work is okay, but usually boring. But this could be said for most horses. A bit later on he also said that he usually found hacking boring and didn’t like going out alone or with stresy horses. (Again, fairly standard for most horses.) But he also wanted to say, he likes his new bit and reasons why.

There was also a list of physical problems ‘Scottie’ wanted to say were causing him problems including; hock stiffness, vertebrae behind the poll, rib angles and teeth. All these things I was aware of as they relate to his rotated pelvis or bent withers ect. However, I am unsure as to whether these are things you could know just from looking at him. Otherwise its some very lucky guessing getting the right sides and areas.

He mentioned no quick diet changes, which really could be said for most horses, but especially TBs. So again, not hugely convincing. However, Scottie had a funny thing on his hind leg beginning of the year which we thought was mud fever, however it didn’t really act like mud fever, so I’m still not sure. However, this happened at the yard at University and we are home now and all the signs have long since cleared up. However, ‘Scottie’ wanted to tell me that there had been funny bacteria in the grass at University.

The Emotional Things

We then started to move away from the physical side of things and more to the emotional. ‘Scottie’ said that in new environments I need to explain to him what strange noises or smells are, especially if he can’t see the cause. He also wanted to tell me he finds travelling boring and that he would rather have more room and not travel with mares. He said he doesn’t want to be expected to drive (at uni been helping my friend break her pony to drive) and he’s wondering if I want to do cross country as it worries him until he gets on a roll. He also said he doesn’t want to go hunting as its a ‘funny energy’ and he’s not sure about lunging, it makes him anxious. 

Scottie then went to say, that he doesn’t mind if we don’t ride in the rain and he doesn’t mind moving yards to and from Uni. However, he would like me to explain it to him before we leave. He said he’s ok to go along with most things even if he would prefer other things. And I asked some questions relating to current situation like moving yards ect. ‘Scottie’ also said that racing was a lot of hard work but a lot of fun. He enjoyed it and doesn’t have any mental problems caused by it.

My thoughts on the Horse Medium experience

After the experience, I am unsure as to whether I believe he was truely able to talk to Scottie or not. A lot of the physical stuff could have been a guess or going on what you could see. You can also tell from his chilled out personality that not much bothers him. However, the little details about jumping, hunting and cross country are interesting as he did all three at his last home and I can tell he loves his jumping from when we have done it. But again this really could have been a guess.

For me, I think it really does come down to the fact that I want to believe what he said it true. I want to think that Scottie is happy moving yards twice a year and always going out with different horses. And I like the idea that me explaining things to him will make him accept them. As sceptical as I am about the physical things he said such as his feet, Scottie does seem to be happy with his life and if it was all made up on the spot, this guy should be commended for for guessing Scottie so well both physically and mentally.

I just want to quickly include the idea of cold reading, a method used by many frauds to make it seem like they are doing something by dropping bate and using your reaction or information you then provide. As I was sceptical to start with, I was very careful not to give any information unless he had already said something about it. Such as I didn’t tell him the right side was his weak side until he had made all the physical observations. And he didn’t know what I did with him or what he had done in the past until after he had mentioned things.

This is not a post about me trying to claim that Horse Mediums are real and do amazing work. it is just me sharing my thoughts and experiences in case anyone is thinking about giving it a go. Please share your experiences! 🙂

Last Updated on 07/08/2018

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