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Some of you may know already, but I prefer things to be as natural as possible with horses. (Within reason) I therefore don’t like to feed chemicals or drugs in a horses diet when there are plenty of natural alternatives. In the wild, horses would eat herbs/plants that would help whatever problem they had. Even today, if you offer your horse various herbs, they will choose to eat the ones which will help them the most. (Or maybe all of them if they are a pig!) Because of this, I personally feel it is important to use herbs over chemicals whenever possible.

But just to make clear, I also think it is important to offer you horse correct pain relief/antibiotics/wormers ect. These are areas where I would often choose a drug as when they are used properly, they are better/more effective for the horse in the long run.

It is for these reasons I when I am looking for a new supplement, Global Herbs is usually my first place to look. All of their products are completely herbal and have been formulated by considering medical properties of plants. I also find that once I have been using the product for a while at the suggested amount, I am able to decrease the amount I’m feeding and still see results I want.

Products I am currently using are:


I have mentioned both of these products before. I have seen a huge improvement in Scottie’s feet since feeding SupaHoof and you can read more about it in my Thoroughbred Feet post. I am feeding Turmeric for Scottie’s sarcoids which you can read more about in my Sarcoids post.

I’m sure there are other companies which focus on purely herbal supplements. However, Gloal Herb was who I have always been recommended and I really like their brand.

What are your experiences and opinions on herbal supplements?

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