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Scottie’s Diary


It has been an interesting week this week. Things are starting to get really interesting back home. Me and Rolo have just moved into one of the front fields with plenty of grass to eat it down before some of the other horses move onto it. Job accepted! Although, Mum’s friends keep saying we aren’t eating enough. I’m sorry, but you keep telling me I’m putting on weight. Make Your Mind Up!

On another note, mum has taken me on lots of long hacks with new horses. I had lots of really nice long gallops with Shamrock beginning of the week. Shamrock did lots of hunting so is fast, but not as fast as me. But I don’t know him very well yet, so I was polite and let him stay in front. Silly Mum lost her stirrup when Shamrock went for a gallop. So I had to miss out and canter very slowly as she couldn’t get her stirrup back. Silly woman, she needs more practice!

There has also been a fair bit of jumping and baths… so I think Mum is planning something. She keeps mentioning ‘Tewin’. Whatever that is. Maybe Caprice will tell me as her mum is talking about it too and we have been jumping together. I’m hoping for some jumping, but no scary fillers and preferably in a straight line.

Last Updated on 14/01/2022

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