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Good Horse Games: Or lack of!

Screenshot from pippa funnell game

Being a bit of a gamer, I am always disappointed by the lack of good horse games available, especially on new games consoles such as xbox. I personally would love for new horse games to be created and if there are any developers out there I have plenty of ideas for you! However, here are a few games I think are always good and probably still available for a reasonable price! Whether you are interested in them yourself or as a present for a friend/child.

PC games:

Pippa Funnel

Over the years, there have been several Pippa Funnell horse games for PC. I have played most of them at some point and I think that they are all worth a go! They include riding and horse care and have a reasonable story line to follow. However, I think these two are the best:
– The Golden Stirrup Challenge
In this game you are a student at a equine college and travel the world competing against other colleges. You can choose your starting horse and there are several opportunities to customise your outfits for both horse and rider.
– Secrets of the Ranch
In this game you are a vet student and stop off at a stud farm after car trouble. The story line is fairly free and you can buy and sell horses as well as training and breeding them.

Pippa Funnell Horse Games

Horse Racing Manager Tycoon

This game has a few game play options and lets you buy, sell, breed and train racehorses as well as run your own racing yard, ride and bet on the races. However, it is hard to make a profit when starting out on the game and comes with very little help and instructions. In fact it took me a very long time to really get to grips with this game. But now that I understand it a bit more, it is a great way to spend a rainy afternoon.

HRM horse games


Champion Jockey 2

In this game you have just finished your jockey training and go out to become champion jockey. You have to build relationships with trainers to get good rides and become a better jockey. There are several mini challenges along the way and the opportunity to train your own young horse each year. I love this game and more recently I wrote a much more detailed review which you can find here.

Last Updated on 15/03/2024

4 thoughts on “Good Horse Games: Or lack of!”

    1. There really does! Especially as all the graphics on these are now very out of date. Red Dead redemption (cowboy version of grand theft auto) has very good horse graphics really. But not really a horse game…

  1. Haha, I would love a horse game where you can ‘adjust stirrups’ and prehaps one where you start with a green horse and train to work correctly or something. And also a ‘build your a own stables’ – livery, competition or riding school sort of thing. Hey maybe I should become a games designer :L haha

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