Showing Scottie!

On Saturday I took Scottie to a local show to do some in hand classes. The original plan was to do some jumping in the afternoon. However, the weather put us off with no where to keep us or the horses dry. It was close enough for us to hack to. Which is great! However, this means that often, we have nowhere to tie up. Scottie and Caprice are both very well behaved at shows, so this isn’t really an issue. But it does make things a little more complicated.

Highland Rain (54)

The first class we entered was in hand Best Condition. This was our first in hand show together, and probably Scottie’s first ever showing class. Abbie and Caprice also entered this class and this definitely affected Scottie’s behaviour walking around the ring as he wanted to be right behind Caprice. However, he wasn’t very silly about it and behaved very well despite of this. We got pulled in in second place, but dropped to third before the final line up. This is still a massive achievement as how often do thoroughbreds trump natives when it comes to condition?

Highland Rain (38)

The next class we did was Most Handsome Gelding. He was much quieter in this class as he wasn’t worrying about where his brand new (and already forgotten) best friend was. Unfortunately we didn’t place in this class and the only thing I can think of is that he is just a bit too pretty for a handsome gelding class! But I wasn’t too bothered as I know he’s gorgeous and very photogenic!

(Maybe the Judges just weren’t thoroughbred people!)

I had never thought me or Scottie would enjoy showing, especially in hand showing. However, after today I think it might be something we will look into. Even if its just in some novelty classes as he has a lot of blemishes on his legs! Although TARRA do thoroughbred/racehorse classes which ignore blemishes and so do a couple of ROR series, so maybe this is something to look into!



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