CARE about Laminitis: Do your bit.

CARE about laminitis is an organisation using real owners and real horses to investigate causes and factors which lead to a horse developing laminitis. Their website is full of useful information on laminitis and other health issues facing horses in the UK.

You can help with this research by registering with their website and filling in a questionnaire about your horses. This questionnaire includes where your horses are kept, how they are kept, how you manage them and the horses breed, weight, height and age. Once you have done this, you will be asked to update this information at least every 3 months. But they prefer every month or as often as possible.

So, what do you get out of it?
When you first sign up, you will receive a booklet in the post with a tape measure to help you keep track of your horses weight. The booklet will also include several different ways to estimating your horses weight and body condition score. This record of your horses weight is useful when it comes to managing your horse and identifying any health issues.

Every month there is also a prize give away, working in a raffle like system, where every member who has updated their details that month gets entered to win a prize. All members also get 5% off a trickle net and 10% off anything bought from AHT online shop.

Please do take a look at CARE about laminitis as the study is only running for another year. So that could just be 3 updates to your information after registering but your input could make a massive difference to the welfare of horses in the UK!


What do you think?

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