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Heatwave! – Moaning time!

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Those of you in the UK will be well aware of the current high temperatures in the UK for the past week. As lovely as this heatwave is for me enjoying my summer holiday from University, when it comes to Scottie, it is not so nice. So in a very British way, this is my list of top 6 complaints about this lovely weather we are having! (Not all horse related)

  1. Flies
    My biggest hate with all this beautiful weather we are having, is the amount of horse flies brutally attacking our horses. If you brave the scorching heat and do go for a ride, you spend the whole time swatting these pesky vampires off of the horses and ourselves! This is if your horse is sensible/sane enough to not throw themselves on the floor to free themselves of the buggers!
  2. Less Riding
    If you are like me, this weather puts you off riding. It’s too hot to school unless you are up at the crack of dawn. Therefore the only real option is a slow plod out, staying in as much shade as possible. It’s far to hot for you want to have your riding hat on for long and its too hot for the horses to go for a good gallop out and home again.
  3. Hard Ground
    Even though we are still having a few days of showers, it is so hot that the ground dries out instantly and becomes hard as concrete. So again, if you are feeling brave enough, or you get up early enough, to have a nice canter/gallop or do some jumping, the ground is too hard.
  4. Sunburn and Farmers Tan
    I try to wear shorts as often as possible to the yard. However, no matter how hard I try to tan my legs, my arms will always appear to be stolen from another body, with the rest of me staying very pale! And don’t get me started on the days I’m rewarded for staying too long in the sun with nice tomato skin.
  5. Air Conditioning
    I am very lucky to have fantastic air conditioning in my car. So I never want to get out when I have arrived to where ever it is I am going. And when I do get out, I am knocked back by the heat slamming into me.
  6. Less Sleep
    Us horsey people are known for being tired 99% of the time with all the early mornings and long days. However, this weather thinks it’s fine to keep us up in a hot sticky mess all night, ruining the little rest most of us get!

heatwave farmers tan

So how many of you are also enjoying and hating this weather? Surely I can’t be the only one!

Last Updated on 05/06/2022

2 thoughts on “Heatwave! – Moaning time!”

  1. I love the fact that it is dry and sunny but I am struggling a bit with the heat. Especially as Galahad’s summer coat has only recently started coming through properly. The flies are definitely the worst bit though!

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