Scottie’s Diary – Family Tree

My Mum has been doing a lot of research into my family tree recently and she seems very impressed and surprised, which I think is a bit insulting. But since she thinks it is so interesting, so you might too. I’m going to give you the highlights!

My proper name is Highland Rain and my other mum was Scottish Clover and my dad was Sir Harry Lewis.

Source John Reid.


(My Dad)

My great, great, great, great granddad on both my mum and dads side is Man O’ War. He was a very famous American racehorse who is possibly one of the best racehorses ever. He was also Seabiscuits Granddad.

(Man O’ War)

War Relic and War Admiral are two of my great, great, great granddads and are sons of Man O’ War. War Relic was one of the best stallions at the time and War Admiral was a very successful racehorse. He is famously remembered along with his nephew, Seabiscuit, due to the special match race in 1938 where he lost to Seabiscuit.

(War Admiral)

I also have Northern Dancer on both my mum and dad’s side, but then who doesn’t? He was after all, possibly the most influential stallion ever in creating us fabulous thoroughbreds! Native Dancer was Northern Dancer’s mum’s dad. I have Native Dancer several times in my family tree.

My Great Granddad is Mr Prospector, who is another grandson of Native Dancer. He was a successful racehorse, but better remembered as a good stallion, producing winners of each of the Triple Crown races.

So yes, my Mum had good reason to be impressed with my pedigree. I am very well bred, thank you very much. Racing just wasn’t my thing. But don’t I look good in the collecting ring!



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