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Summer Potato!

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I get nearly 4 months of Summer holiday for University, which is great. It gives me plenty of time for Scottie, starting my dissertation, this blog, social and earning some money. However, over a month into the holiday, I am yet to do any Uni work or find a job. It isn’t that I haven’t been looking, it just seems that I can’t find anything I want.

In the past I have worked at yards, in shops and behind a bar. All of these were good jobs, however, the only one I want for a summer job is yard work. The main reason for this is that I don’t have to deal with members of the public! I like being outside and being able to relax while I get on with the jobs.

But there must be plenty of yard jobs around, I just need to look. I have seen a few. But the problem is, many of them aren’t close enough, have enough hours or pay too little to make the money worth while after travelling. That or they want someone very experienced in something specific… which I usually am not.

My Dad is being particularly difficult! He just seems to think that I’m not looking as I can’t be bothered. He obviously forgets I have a horse and car what I pay EVERYTHING for. I’m not choosing to not work and I have been looking a lot. He needs to stop moaning as he’s not paying any bills for Scottie.

Last summer I helped a few people out with young horses a few times a week. It didn’t pay much after travel, but was a little bit of pocket money. But I can’t even find that this summer. My boyfriend has landed two very well paid jobs since being home for the summer, and he does gardening on the side. I don’t mind, but he did nothing to find these jobs, they literally just fell into his lap. Life isn’t fair sometimes!

I am checking Yard and Groom weekly, as well as preloved, facebook and messaging yards I have worked at in the past. However, I have so far turned up nothing. So back to the title of this post. I am spending most of my time being a massive couch potato! Starting to think I should just crack on with my dissertation and hope something just falls into my lap…

Thank you for listening to my moan! – I needed it! 🙂

Last Updated on 05/06/2022

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