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Scottie’s Diary: Nothing Happened…?


There are lots of small people at my Summer home and they are always doing very weird things. But that’s not the worst bit, Mum just acts like nothing has happened! I think she is broken!

Last year I was on the yard having a good groom, when a group of the small people started tipping huge buckets of icy water over each other, making them scream and screech. I backed up and snorted, telling Mum that they were crazy and that we should go. But she just gave me a pat and carried on grooming…. Am I missing something here?

About a month ago, the same group of small people were running around with these sticks. That’s fairly normal, I thought. But No! These sticks are magic, and possibly demonic. One second they are a normal, albeit colourful stick, the next, they have a huge, flappy circle on the end. And then they go back to being normal sticks. So once again, I told Mum that these small people are demonic friends of the devil, and she just ignores it!

Lastly, yesterday, we were lunging in the school when the small people went in the field next door and started bouncing on this big round squeaky thing. Naturally I stopped to look, as this IS NOT normal! And again, Mum just stood there telling me to walk on. I’m really started to wonder about her. Once the small people had left again, she was acting like nothing had happened AND expected me to carry on like nothing had happened!

Those small people are very different to normal people… I don’t trust them at all! Although, the quiet one is really nice and always gives me cuddles. She’s not working with horse eating demons like the others.

Last Updated on 14/01/2022

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