Future Dressage Pro!

This morning me and Scottie had a rather spontaneous dressage show. I entered Scottie in for the Intro B test so he wouldn’t get silly about worrying what canter lead he should be on. (I’m not joking! He does seem to worry about it!) We were running late this morning, so when we arrived we had to quickly tack up and warm up. Scottie was good as gold, a little tense, but it was time to go in front of the judge.

He didn’t put a foot wrong in the ring despite being a bit tense. I was a bit worried about him drifting and not being straight, oh and being a giraffe the whole way round. But no, its almost like he knew! We scored 6.5 and 7s for virtually everything and even an 8 for our halt!

We scored 65.6% and placed 4th. This is far better than what I was expecting. The comments from the judge were all things I had expected, such as more suppleness and impulsion. However, this will come as we continue schooling. I’m really pleased with the day and it’s actually made me want to do more dressage in the future! Not only this, but I think it shows that Scottie has real potential for it!

Handsome horse with correct paces and a quietly ridden test.


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