My Rug Addiction!

I love horse rugs, especially when it comes to buying horse rugs! When I bought Scottie, he came with nothing, so I got to buy him a whole wardrobe. And I constantly get an itch to add to it!

I have always loved the Newmarket fleeces, especially on a nice chestnut thoroughbred. So when I knew I was getting Scottie and knew his rug size, the first thing I bought him was a Newmarket Fleece, despite the fact he would be living out for the next 3-4 months.


Doesn’t he just look fab! Over winter I just had to treat myself to the exercise version…


I also have the matching travel boots… I think he needs the lead rope too! That might have to be next on the list!

But my rug addiction isn’t limited to Newmarket colours. I also love nice patterned ones, such as the Loveson Fly rug and his smart Mark Todd stable rug!


And my addiction doesn’t stop there! I like to have two of each weight of turnout rug. Preferably a darkish colour with a nice pattern or two tone…


I can’t be the only one with a bit of a horse addiction! What’s your downfall when it comes to buying bits for your horse?




    • Haha I bought several heavyweights in the premier equine sales… still in packaging as my thoroughbred seems to actually be a cob, and he doesn’t need thick rugs when he’s clipped in the middle of winter… aha

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