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Sarcoid Update!

Not Own Photo, in process of referencing/deleting.

Some of you may know that Scottie has a couple of sarcoids. However, because they are fairly small and not causing him any problems, I have decided to try turmeric instead. I have been feeding 2-3 small scoops of turmeric a day with ground black pepper and rapeseed oil. I have also been occasionally applying a mix of turmeric and sudocrem to the sarcoids.

These are his sarcoids on the 13/4/2015

IMG_20150413_145525 (1)


These are his sarcoids yesterday (13/07/2015)




I think there has been a huge improvement to the ones in his armpit. However, I’m unsure if there has been any change to the one on his sheath. I will continue as I am and take more photos in a month or so.

More information on sarcoids here!

Last Updated on 07/08/2018

12 thoughts on “Sarcoid Update!”

      1. Haha. I’ve never had to deal with it so I’ll take your word. “Horses of mine, don’t you DARE have any difficulties with these!!!”

        1. Neither had I until Scottie developed them a month after passing a 5 stage vetting -_- His really aren’t a problem at all. I just don’t want them getting any bigger. As then they could become a problem.

          1. Never heard of that! So that is interesting! He developed the one on his sheath last summer, and it hasn’t really changed at all since then. I noticed the one in his armpit February/March time. So it could be coat related. He also has a few bald patches I think might be the start of some more -_- but again they haven’t changed for months. I’m just hoping turmeric stops them getting worse!

        2. I’m interested in following this and seeing the results. I have a similar problem and tried turmeric/micronised linseed/ground black pepper in feed, along with topical applications of a paste of turmeric/sudacrem/10% strength iodine.
          I gradually increased to pretty high doses of turmeric and continued the experiment for several months.
          Unfortunately, it had no effect whatsoever on the sarcoids.
          However, I took turmeric myself about 15-20 years ago for psoriasis and it was like a miracle cure! Then it suddenly stopped working. I left a 2 year gap and tried again but it didn’t work.
          I couldn’t understand why until I discovered that ‘health food supplement’ manufacturers now extract the curcumin to use in capsules and the turmeric is then sold with the important ingredient missing. It’s impossible to know whether the turmeric powder you are buying still contains 3% curcumin – and I don’t believe labels !!
          I tried using Black Salve on the sarcoids instead. It’s very harsh so I didn’t use it in sensitive areas like the sheath. One round, wart-like sarcoid under the neck dropped off within 2 weeks. 2 other sarcoids were irritated and became worse. I’ve changed using Thuja cream on these 2 sarcoids and they have settled down and diminished slightly.
          Sarcoids do often come and go, particularly on youngsters, so apart from the Black Salve (which leaves some scarring and may worsen the problem in some cases) I can’t say that anything has worked !!

          1. I have heard very good things about Thuja cream and Thuja tablets. It is a tricky thing, as now I wont be insured for treating them if they get worse! But at the same time, with conventional treatment being fairly unpredictable and likely to make them worse, I feel cheaper unproven treatments are worth trying first! I’m hoping that even if turmeric doesn’t make them go, hopefully it will help stop them getting any bigger or new ones appearing! But we will see!

        3. Hi, we have a horse with what the vet says are verrucous sarcoid around her left eye (on the skin above and to the side of the eye and also on the eyelid). She’s already on a 2 or 3 tsp turmeric powder with black pepper and a little canola oil 2x a day.

          I want to try applying topically and found your post. Are you adding straight into the sudocream dried turmeric powder? What proportion pls? Tk u.

          1. I havent done this for a while not as I personally didn’t find it made any difference other than keeping the flies off!
            I didn’t do any exact measurements but I think I did roughly 1:1. I would put 2-3 spoons of sudacrem in a tub and then mix in 2-3 spoons of turmeric.

            1. thanks for the reply. I will stick with the oral turmeric pepper oil mix for now. FYI, my stable manager said they seemed to respond when he was applying ACV topically but he doesn’t seem to do it consistently.

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