Balancing Act: Relationships

Those of you who have horses will know that their is a fine balancing act between horses and life. This gets harder as you get older and have to add in work and relationships. What’s ironic, is that us horsey people are often seen as being chaotic and un-organised. But really, when you start to consider all the things we are balancing on a day to day basis, we are doing very well!

Having my own horse and therefore having sole responsibility is still fairly new to me. However, in a way, I chose the perfect time to take it on when it comes to balancing my time. I have one more year at University, so one more year of minimal commitments to balance.

As I am on my Summer holiday, Scottie is my number one priority. Everything revolves around him and what I want us to do. I love this, but my boyfriend doesn’t appreciate it! Don’t get me wrong, he loves Scottie (although I don’t think I would get him to admit it!) I think he just finds it hard as he was there before Scottie!

(Coming to shows and taking photos!)

When the weather is nice, he is happy to come along to the stables and help out. Over the winter, I had a bad back and was really struggling, and he came to the stables pretty much every day and helped.Β He isn’t a horsey person at all and even though 99.99% of the time, Scottie is incredibly easy. End of the day he is an ex racehorse and does have his moments, and this does worry the boyfriend! But who can blame him!

(Learning how to put rugs on)

When I’m at University, Scottie and the boyfriend are both there, so it’s easy. But over the holidays, its that little bit harder. He never remembers that I need a bit of warning in advance to make arrangements for Scottie and he doesn’t understand why I prefer to do Scottie myself. But I really can’t complain. I really do have it easy!

Do your partners help out or run for the hills when you have a lot to do with the horses?



  1. I don’t have a partner right now, but one of the ‘requirements’ I have for one is that he has to be a horsey person. I don’t want a partner who doesn’t understand or doesn’t like one of my favorite things in my life. It just won’t work. πŸ˜‰ But that’s really nice that he’s trying to learn and stuff. πŸ˜€


    • I know! He is sweet. He took photos at a show the other week and he was like “Look, here’s a really nice one with his head up.” I had to explain that his head is meant to be down! aha
      And even though he isn’t horsey, he is an animal person. So he kinda understands…

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      • Yeah πŸ™‚ I think if they are at least a bit of an animal person they might get it! aha
        And all the time. Sometimes he phones me when I’m at the yard and he gets confused as to if I’m talking to him or Scottie! I don’t think he quite understands it. But then I talk to my dog and myself as well. And even sometimes my car! I think he thinks I’m just a tad mental!

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      • Hahaha. I do that and Grandpa thinks I’m talking on a cell!!! (Which is forbidden when we ride horses) It’s hilarious. πŸ˜€ And boy, I’m glad I’m not the only one!!!

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      • Haha why is it forbidden? it could be an emergency! aha I always have my phone on me when riding out. Don’t use it while out as that would be when Scottie decides something very ordinary is a horse eating monster πŸ˜›

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      • Yeah, phones are allowed, but no chatting with friends while we’re riding. πŸ™‚ Cuz yeah, my horses will see something monstrous rushing in to attack him and who wants to be on the phone then?? :O

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