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The Gingers!

scottie and the gingers

Since I have had Scottie he has either been turned out by himself or in a pair. This has always been a shame as I love horses being out in herds. However, the yard at Uni, everything goes out in pairs. Although the yard at home as a few very established herds, because Scottie is only there for the Summer, he has been by himself or with one other, depending on field and horse situations.

But now this has changed! Scottie has been out with Rolo, a 5 year old for the past month and they really are funny together and really have a good play. This week they went into a field with two other ponies, making a nice little herd for them all. Scottie seems to really be enjoying having a few more play mates, especially as one of the new ponies he was in a field with last summer.

I also found a movie maker app on my phone… so I had a little play and made this of the Gingers. (It’s a bit naff!) But there are some nice photos and a couple short videos.

Last Updated on 14/01/2022

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