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Schooling Scottie


I have had Scottie for nearly a year now, so I got my sister to film one of our schooling sessions as he has been a lot better recently. I don’t have a video to show you from when I first got him, so I will just have to tell you what he was like.

He was very bent to the left, his head would always be slightly to the left and he would be slightly on 3 tracks rather than 2. Because of this we couldn’t work from behind and had fairly high head carriage. We would only ever canter on the left lead and he always felt kind of slugish.

And this is us now:

We are much much straighter! Which means he is starting to work from behind and starting to lower his head and round his back, although this is still fairly inconsistent. We are also able to canter on both leads now, although we do struggle to pick up the right lead. He is also feeling more forward and willing to work.

All in all, I’m very happy with our progress, especially as I haven’t been rushing him. I try to school and lunge in a pessoa once a week and then hack and do the odd bit of jumping the rest of the time, so it isn’t like he’s had an intense workload, which I think has helped as it has built his muscle up slowly.

Last Updated on 14/01/2022

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