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Licenses for Cyclists?

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I recently came across an article on social media about cyclists in Australia may soon need licenses to use the roads. I’m not sure how true this article is, but it’s interesting either way. It talks about how they are still unsure how they would police this issue and the details of it all.

I’m sure all of us, whether while riding or driving, have had bad experiences on the roads with cyclists. You may have also seen my Road Rage post on this topic. They do seem to be getting worse in the UK, so the idea of them needing to have a license and pass some kind of road safety/awareness test.

At the bottom of the post is a poll on whether readers think they should bring this idea to the UK. As much as I dislike cyclists on the road and feel that they should need to pass some kind of test to use the road. I have a feeling this would then move onto horses or horse riders needing a license to use the road. Which I think will be impossible to police.

What I think should happen instead, is children/teenagers should have to do a road safety test (or at least a course) in road safety awareness. It should include how to pass various things, including horses and cyclists and the importance of being thoughtful while using the roads. This means moving out of the way to let someone pass if you can do so safely and thanking people who have slowed down or given you the space you need.

I also think that anyone reported for silly actions on the road (whether car, cyclist or horse rider) should have to attend an awareness course. However, against I am unsure as to how this could be policed and it would be tricky when it comes to horses. As they are animals at the end of the day, and it might not be the riders fault. But I do think it could be something to be looked into!

Read the article here!

What is your opinion on the article? Would you want licenses brought to the UK? Do you have any alternative ideas?

Last Updated on 07/08/2018

6 thoughts on “Licenses for Cyclists?”

  1. I don’t know. Where I’m at, there really isn’t that much trouble so I don’t think I have the right to give suggestions. But it does bring up a good point! I’m working on making a neon colored shirt that says ‘Horse in Training — Please be careful’ for me to wear when I riding my colt. I’m not sure how else to get her used to traffic than to take her out in it. Well, yes, I do sit on the edge of the road until she’s ‘ready’ but sitting by the side and actually having cars going by you are two completely different things.

    1. It’s a really tricky situation here. As it seems that people are getting fed up with horses on the roads and some people really just show them no respect or care at all. I don’t tend to have a problem with cyclists while riding. But I do when I’m driving!

      And that’s a really good idea! I currently have a standard Hi Vis saying ‘please slow down’ but think its better to have young horse ones if possible!

      1. Our problem isn’t that people are fed up with us, it’s that the people around have NO RESPECT!!! I’ve had several cars go three inches from my knees on an empty road. I hate it! I keep promising to kick the next one that does that, but I never can get up the nerve…

        Yeah, I don’t really need car to slow down around my trained horses (as long as they give me proper distance) because they are thoroughly traffic safe. (I’ve had semi trucks boom down beside my horse Smoky and he doesn’t even flinch.) But Coaly has had no prior experience to speeding cars or deep ditches and to put the two of them together…. I really like it though!! I can’t wait to get it finished. I’ll do a post about it. πŸ˜‰

        1. It’s just the case of, they don’t know how the horse will relax and they don’t seem to understand how much damage even a small accident can do to horse, rider and driver!

        2. This is an interesting discussion. I wouldn’t want to be required to have a license to ride my horse on the road, so I am hesitant in saying cyclists should. BUT I do think something should be done. There needs to be more education in the proper etiquette for sharing the road, passing, and so on. Licenses could go a long ways in getting that information out there, but drivers also need to know how to handle these situations. Like you pointed out, it would be difficult to enforce. My concern would be that it would only add more hassle to those attempting to do what’s best as it is and those who are reckless might bypass the whole process anyway… so I wonder, would licensing be beneficial? I guess there are really a lot of variables to be considered. What ever is done, it needs to reach everyone on the road.

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