Possible Show…

Every Tuesday this month, a local riding club has been hosting show jumping on grass. I have so far been meaning to go every time, but for various reasons, I haven’t managed to. Tomorrow is the last one and I have decided that as long as its not pouring with rain, I WILL be going.

I have no transport for tomorrow, but it is in hacking distance, at about 4 miles away if you stick to the roads. In the past, I have taken short cuts across fields, but its been so long since I have been there, I have forgotten the quickest way there.

Another girl from the yard may or may not be going. She knows the short cuts, so if she decides to come that would be great! If she doesn’t I know how to get there on the roads, so will try and go any way. However, some of you may have read Hacking Alone: Chaos and will know that Scottie can be a massive wimp hacking alone. So it could be a challenging hack! (Though I’m sure I will get back okay!)

The show is in the evening, so there might be a bit of rush hour traffic, so I’m going to try and stick to the lanes as much as possible. I also have to ride over the A1… so that could be interesting… But I will let you all know soon if we make it to the show. Hopefully we will and do a nice couple of rounds!



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