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The Bobble Hat Riding Silk

fluffy pom pom hat silk

I recently received a hat silk from The Bobble Hat Shop and it really is beautiful! The large pompom really stands out, making this silk very different to other pompom silks out there.


It is a lovely colour and the pompom in top is amazing! My photo really doesn’t do it justice! It’s made from a very soft raccoon fur and my natural covered pompom has so many different colours in it. The pompom is also removable. The silk itself looks like a true silk hat silk but it is actually satin and machine washable. All materials are of a very high quality.

It is a bit too snug on my hat, I had a bit of a struggle getting it to cover all of my hat. However, this isn’t much of an issue. I also think that it wouldn’t take long for the pompom to lose a lot of its quality, so it might have to be a nice weather/special occasions silk. As it would be a shame to lose the look and texture of the pompom.

I will say that some of the youngsters REALLY liked the pompom… so you might be at risk of having it chewed or pulled off your hat. But that might just be our cheeky youngsters!

There are currently 8 different colours for the hat silk and all of them come with a natural coloured pompom as standard. However, you can choose from 9 colours for the pompom, making it fully customisable. Do visit The Bobble Hat Shop and look at the different colour options available here.

It may not be everyone’s taste but I really like this silk and I hope to start seeing a lot more of them!

Last Updated on 15/03/2024

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