Joining Equestrian Twitter Chats

I recently came across the newish idea of Twitter chats. These are usually when a group of people come together at a certain time on Twitter and interact using a #hashtag.

So, why should you join in on these horse chats? Well, the most obvious reason is that you will be able to talk to like minded people about anything horse related. Or if you have a blog with content these people might be interested in, it is a great way to get some more traffic to your site.

Lots of small companies also use it to help advertise their products as these #hashtags reach a lot of people. So you are likely to come across lots of unique products you may not have seen before. They often have offers on some of their products, so you could grab yourself a great deal! Both EquestrianHour and EquineHour also get companies to sponsor them. If they have a sponsor for a certain night there should be a prize on offer!

I have used nearly all of the chat hours over the past few years and I love them. Some of my favourites are; #EquineHour, #TheDressageHour and #RiderHour. I see lots of interesting topics, I have plenty of people retweeting my tweets, meaning more people will see them. I have also been very lucky when it comes to prizes! I have won a pair of tickets to the Royal International Horse Show, a brand new Dublin Show Jacket and tickets to Your Horse Live!

You really should go have a look and join in on these events. The more people who use them, the better they will get!

Current Equine Chats at 8-9pm 

Monday ~ #HorseHour
Tuesday ~ #EventersHour
Wednesday ~#TheDressageHour
Thursday ~ #RiderHour
Friday ~#horsebizhour
Saturday ~ (create one?)
Sunday ~ #EquineHour

(And Many More!)



  1. […] To use Social media effectively you need to build a big following. Do this by interacting with people on the industry, preferably people with a big following. Twitter Chats are a very good thing to get involved with. They happen most nights now and involve using a hashtag and often winning prizes. Find out more about them here. […]


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