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My Dream – My Perfect Yard

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Most of us have big dreams, even if they seem unlikely to ever happen. I thought I would share with you my equine dream life. (Even if it is unlikely to ever happen without winning the lottery!)

In a perfect world, I would build my own yard from scratch. I would like a nice redbrick courtyard. I’m not sure how many stables I would want, but probably 20 ish. The stables would be a decent size with plenty of tie up space on the yard. I would also have a shower area with both a warm and cold tap. There would be plenty of storage for tack, rugs and bits and pieces. I also like the idea of having a ‘spa’ type area, where I would have some things like a solarium, weighbridge and water treadmill. (Or any other new tech that comes out!)

There would be lots of grazing, preferably with the option of horses living out over summer. I would build a 20×60 outdoor school, another school a good size for jumping and a 20m round pen. I would have a full set of show jumps, with some set up in one of the schools all the time. I would also have a field used for jumping, with a few more show jumps as well as some cross country style fences, ditches and steps. I would love to have a sand gallops too!

The yard would mainly be made up of liveries, preferably those interested in competing. The idea of having liveries would hopefully cover the costs of me running EquiPepper and allowing me to retrain, compete and rehome ex racehorses. I also like the idea of holding the occasional show, so having plenty of space for parking is also important!

So basically, I need to start buying lottery tickets! 😉

How many of you have big equine dreams?

Last Updated on 22/12/2021

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