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Busy Weekend Ahead!

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I am planning a fairly busy few weekends for me and Scottie. Tomorrow we are having our first ever jumping lesson, getting us ready for our first ever cross country clinic on Sunday! I’m really looking forward to it all and interested to see how it all goes! I will try and do a detailed post for both bits!

Next weekend we are also hopefully going away on a horsey holiday with the yard owner. We are planning on spending a couple of days at the forest (not sure which one yet) and then a couple at the beach! The beach was fantastic last year, so it should be another amazing time away with my best boy!

I will try and continue to post regularly but I am getting quite busy and have a few reviews and a guest blog on the go. I will share them all with you when I can. Just wanted to post this just to keep you all up to date!

Last Updated on 14/01/2022

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