The Tack Box Photography

For those of you who follow my blog, you will probably have seen some stunning photos of Scottie taken by The Tack Box blog. Charlie from The Tack Box is a good friend of mine and I have been very lucky to be her guinea pig for all her photoshoot ideas!

Highland Rain (11)

She has recently decided to launch her work as a company. She offers various lengths of photoshoots, where all the photos will be uploaded online with a watermark. However, for a very small fee, you can get a digital copy of the photos without a watermark on a CD. She even makes the CD case attractive and personal.Highland Rain (20)

She is also thinking about going into filming. I’m hoping I will get to test this too soon! But from what she has said and snippets I have seen I think this is going to be another really good service!

Highland Rain (21)

If you are based around Hertfordshire/Essex/Cambridgeshire I would really recommend taking a look at her site! She is very flexible and will often tailor the shoot for each customer.

Highland Rain (54)



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