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Horsey Holiday!

the beach

How many of you would love to take your horse on holiday with you? Perhaps to the beach and ride in the sea? Well this might make some of you jealous, I have been away for the past 5 days on my horsey holiday with Scottie and a few other horses from the yard. (This is why I haven’t posted in a while!)

On Thursday morning, I packed up and loaded Scottie onto the lorry with my yard owners horse and her daughters pony. Then we headed off to Thetford forest. We were staying on a farm in the middle of no where with plenty of beautiful rides through the woods, fields and a river. Scottie was a big brave boy and (eventually) led the way into the water.


Scottie being Scottie, he came in from the field Friday morning with a really deep, really nasty looking cut on his fetlock. I was gutted and thought my riding holiday was over. However, Scottie seems to be some sort of miracle worker! There was very little blood, no swelling, only a tiny bit of heat and no lameness! So I gave it a good clean and covered in sudocrem and went out riding, constantly checking he was okay.

There was an amazing cross country course there. There were all sorts of jumps at nice sizes going up the side of a field and zig zagging through the woods. I didn’t really want to jump Scottie as I was worried about his leg. But some of the small logs took up the whole path, and Scottie decided that we couldn’t slow down to go round them as we would lose the others… I was worried about his leg, but when I got back to the lorry, he was absolutely fine!


Saturday morning we packed up again and got back in the lorry to head to the beach! We were staying in Holme, just a 5 min ride from the beach. We had 3 rides in total on the beach. The first ride he was a little fresh but surprisingly brave. He happily trotted into the little areas of water, leading the others again. He then led the way into the sea, which shocked me! Last year we couldn’t get any of ours into the sea until we followed another group of horses. However, on another walk into the sea, the waves were breaking near his feet and Scottie quickly jumped out of the sea…

We had a great time away, and Scottie even bumped into an old friend of his! A pony my friend sold a little while ago. Can’t wait to go again next year! – Hopefully there will be more photos soon! –


Last Updated on 05/06/2022

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