EquiPepper E Dressage Team ~ You up for it?

E dressage is a site where you can enter dressage classes online by filming yourself riding the tests. They have started a set of ex racehorse classes this month and I feel I should embrace this. I will therefore start competing Scottie in these classes as of this month.

I would also like to start an EquiPepper team, to take part in the team leagues. I would ideally like the team to be made up of ex racehorses, however, you would not be limited to only competing in the ex racehorse classes.

I need at least one more regular rider, to compete every month, to join me and Charlie Johnson from The Tack Box. Visit our team page for more information.

Since we are only allowed 2 team changes until December, I would prefer to have a smaller dedicated team, rather than have to be chasing everyone up in a larger team.

So, if you live in the UK, have an ex racehorse which raced in the UK and are interested in competing more often, please contact me using the contact us page.


What do you think?

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