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Too competitive ~ Borderline obsessive!


I am a fairly (okay very) competitive person. I recently decided to enter online dressage classes with Scottie, but that’s another post! Yesterday my friend Charlie from The Tack Box came out to film our test for us.

Scottie has been going really nicely recently but he didn’t go as nicely as he has been for the test. It’s funny though, after watching the test back, I realised it looked a lot better than it felt, but I still can’t stop myself from picking holes in it.

I keep stepping back and saying it’s a massive improvement even from last month, let alone when I first got him. But then I start analysing it again! I’m really starting to think its a good thing I’m away this weekend so I can get away and ‘forget’ about it until I get the results back.

As usual, Charlie also took some lovely photos, so I’m looking forward to seeing them all! I’m sure that will be another post!

If your interested in watching my dressage tests, I’ve created a playlist on youtube which will have them all in as I do more, so take a look here!

Last Updated on 05/06/2022

5 thoughts on “Too competitive ~ Borderline obsessive!”

  1. I obsessed over my videos and picked a part myself and my technique over and over again. I know the feeling! But you looked great!


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