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Scottie's Diary ~ When Mum's Away…

scottie and tally

Mum has been away for nearly a week, so I’ve been having a great time having a mini holiday in the field. Her mum and sister have been coming up and feeding me and giving me lots of treats. It’s been GREAT!

However, they do not seem to understand a few things about being a horse, so I have been trying to educate them. When towels are in the field, they are potential monsters. As are brightly coloured coats, or any of the other strange things mum doesn’t usually have with her. To help them learn that these things could be monsters, I have been spooking and running away from these things… but they still don’t really seem to understand it… they just leave my food and a pile of treats by the gate for me. (Not that I am complaining!)

Tally has been up a lot more recently too and I think we are becoming friends! She still isn’t really looking at me, but she doesn’t seem to be running away from me any more, so it is definitely progress! Although she does leave the field when I follow her…


Last Updated on 14/01/2022

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