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When to call the Vet?

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We all have different levels of knowledge and ability to treat our horses, therefore it is only logical that we would all call the vet for different things and different times. But when faced with an equine medical problem, when do we decide it is time to call the vet?

I have been fairly lucky since having Scottie and only had one *touch wood* badish problem to deal with, which is back in November. However, after being away for a long weekend and having my very non horsey mum and sister looking after Scottie, I was greeted with a nastyish cut and swollen back leg.

It wasn’t that swollen and only swollen on the inside where the cut was. After giving it a good clean and determining how deep it was, I popped him on the lunge to see if I could spot any lameness. I don’t have the best eye for lameness, but I couldn’t see anything wrong with his leg. So I covered in sudocrem and put him back out in the field to see how he looks tomorrow (off up there now!)

How many of you would have done something similar to me? Or who would have got the vet out there and then?

Over the past few weeks, a few things have happened to Scottie and other horses I know and it has made me think; are there times where my first reaction would be to call the vet? So here is my rough idea on how I would respond to different injuries. (although every case is different!)

Let’s see how it goes:
– The majority of cuts, swellings, lameness
– Abnormal behaviour or something new (sarcoids!)
– As long as doesn’t appear too serious

Maybe Vet tomorrow if no better:
– A bad/deep cut on the limbs, near a joint either stopped bleeding or not a huge amount of blood
– Slight lameness with no obvious reason why

Get The Vet NOW:
– Can’t bear weight
– Blood spurting out of wound
– Something stuck in wound
– Anything I’m worried about involving the eye
– Puncture wound
– Obvious lameness with no obvious cause

Are these similar to your ideas of when to get a vet? What are the times when you would definitely get the vet out?

Last Updated on 07/08/2018

3 thoughts on “When to call the Vet?”

  1. I agree with the above categories, but I think I would give it a few days before I called the vet regarding slight lameness with no obvious reason why. Cyryl has come in lame from the field before only to be fine again after a couple of days, so I just put it down to him charging around and slipping etc! 🙂

    1. Scottie tends to be quite good at not charging around the field. (Although he has recently!) So him coming in a bit lame would be a tad worrying! aha But it does depend on the horses…

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