Mattie Bach and Wocket Woy ~ more than just fun?

I’m sure several of you have seen some of the videos by jockey Mathew Batchelor and his funny antics with Wocket Woy and Nobby. If you haven’t seen these videos, visit their Facebook page here!

I love these videos, they always make you laugh and they aren’t only for horsey people. My very non horsey mum loves them! They release a new one each week and they are often based on something currently happening or something completely random! Some of my favourites would have to be: The Great British Bakeoff, Glastonbury and #slowdownformyhorse.

Source Wocket Woy Facebook


However, I also think that they are doing great things for the racing industry and ex racehorses. I feel the videos show how well treated and looked after the horses are, which can only help the racing industry’s reputation. The videos also show how chilled out the horses are and I bet if Wocket Woy or Nobby needed a new home after racing they would be snapped up by their fans.

Source Wocket Woy Facebook


So even though these videos are just a bit of fun, I think they will help improve the negative stigma surrounding racing and ex racehorses and hopefully help find more of these fantastic horses new homes and careers.

Find out more about Nobby and Woy here!



  1. […] But they do think that by showing how well these racehorses are dealing with their crazy antics does help improve their reputation. They have had lots of people say they would have Woy or Nobby if they retired and ever needed a home. They have also heard from the ROR who said that they have had more interest since the videos went out. Which backs up the post I wrote when I first came across the Wocket Woy videos. […]


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