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Another Fantastic Burghley!

michael jung at burghley

Once again, Burghley was very exciting with amazing riding. And once again, it all came down to the show jumping, which switched up the top 10 combinations.


Michael Jung and Sam at a different competition. Credit Steinfurth.

Michael Jung became the first ever German winner of Burghley with La Biosthetique. Michael had a very good weekend, full of ups and downs (but mainly ups!) La Biosthetique placed 7th after dressage with a score of 39.2. Michael’s other ride placed 1st after dressage, however, they had an unfortunate fall near the start of the cross country phase and were eliminated. La Biosthetique more than made up for this by getting Michael around clear in a very quick time, sending them to the top of the leader board after cross country. His clear round in the show jumping secured his first Burghley win.


Out of the 49 who jumped yesterday, only 16 went clear. This caused a lot of changes in the leader board. However, only 3 of the riders in the top 10 after cross country had faults, which didn’t make too much of a change to the leaders. Here is the final top 10:

  1. Michael Jung ~ La Biosthetique
  2. Tim Price ~ Ringwood Sky Boy
  3. Christopher Burton ~ Ts Jamaimo
  4. Christopher Burton ~ Haruzac
  5. Jonelle Price ~ Classic Moet
  6. Mark Todd ~ Leonidas II
  7. Cedric Lyard ~ Cadeau Du Roi
  8. Kristina Cook ~ Star Witness
  9. Sam Griffiths ~ Paulank Brockagh
  10. William Fox-Pit ~ Fernhill Pimms

I’m happy to see that 3 of the Kiwis made it into the top 10. All three of them had a brilliant weekend. It’s a bit of a shame that Jonelle had a pole down in the show jumping when she was one of only two riders to get around the cross country course within the time. But she still finished well.

Once again, I feel Christopher Burton needs to be mentioned for placing 3rd and 4th with his two rides. This is very impressive for a challenging competition such as Burghley.

Last Updated on 07/08/2018

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