Canter Boot Camp!

Some of you may have read about my post uming and ahing about whether to enter a Prelim dressage test when we are still struggling to pick up our right canter lead. I have since decided, I will be entering a prelim test before the end of the year (maybe sooner!) Therefore, Scottie and I are going to canter boot camp.

Boot camp will start once we are both at Uni, settled in and back in the swing of our Uni lifestyle. I have found that when we are jumping, he tends to pick up the right canter lead more often. I will therefore try and do more jumping as 1) we enjoy it and 2) it will help strengthen this side of his body. I will also see if he picks up the correct leg on the lunge. If he does, it might suggest that it is a rider error or it might be worth asking for canter in a cross country seat.

Exercises I have stumbled across to try while riding:
~ turn his head to outside
~ look over my outside shoulder
~ more lateral work in walk and trot
~ ask on a 10m circle
~ close my eyes before asking
~ ask over a pole
~ ask out the saddle

I will keep you up to date with our progress!



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