Saddle Update!

So we had the saddler out today and sadly it is kinda bad news… I need a new saddle. My current saddle is fab, but sadly falling apart. So it is unlikely to be worth anything, but if anyone wants a cheap temporary or breaking saddle send them my way!

The good news is, I get to go shopping for a new saddle and he shouldn’t be too hard to fit. The saddler said Scottie needs a Medium/Wide to Wide with a straight front. Because of this, she said to look at VSD and GPD saddles. On the plus side, if I ever want a dressage saddle, he should be easy to fit!

My preferences are leather, brown and a changeable gullet would be nice too! Saddles she suggested looking at are:
– Bates VSD M/W
– Kent and Masters GPD M/W, W
– Ideal VSD M/W

I am also waiting for a call back from a saddler who fits and stocks new and second hand saddles and hopefully they have something for us. In the mean time, if you come across anything I might be interested in saddle wise please let me know!

In the mean time, Scottie will be having more time off… well we will play a few games and do a wee bit of lunging. We might even risk some bareback… if I can actually get on… and find the courage somewhere! Hopefully we will have a new saddle soon!



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