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Lazy Tuesday Afternoons


Still saddle hunting, so all I did today with Scottie was lounge around in his field!  Which is always entertaining as people sitting or laying down are weird and potential monsters!

But it was really nice. Me and Eva had a good old natter and Scottie eventually realised we were still people and came over for cuddles. He was really sweet about it all. He started off keeping watch over us. But the longer we were there, the more he started to relax and he looked like he wanted to lay down with us, but he couldn’t quite work out if he should or not. He really is such a sweetie!

It was a really good time for me to do a horsenality profile for him, as part of our parelli experiment. There are loads of these parelli diagrams, but you can print and download the one I decided to use here. I did both of the diagrams and will now try to complete one every week for the next 3 weeks. (I know I’m a bit behind on my Parelli experiment!) Here are our diagrams:

001 horsenality 1a 001

My scans of the diagrams aren’t easy to read. But you can see where the dots are and can always use the PDF to see the writing more clearly! The top diagram tells us that Scottie is a left brain thinker. This is linked to being; dominant, brave, confident, calm and tolerant. I would say the first two aren’t very true for Scottie! According to this diagram, he is also and introvert (but only by 1 extra mark!) Bring an introvert means he is; low energy, slow and has a tendency to stop. I think this is fairly true for Scottie, or at least more true than the traits for extrovert.

The second diagram tells us that Scottie is a good all round horse. Interestingly, on this diagram, Scottie is more of a Right Brain thinker, making him sensitive. He is also more of a reliable character than a competitive character and is characterised by content and sweet.

I think these diagrams are interesting and possibly flawed. How can a horse be both left and right? Also, although it correctly identified many of his traits, it misdiagnosed a few and missed a few important ones off. It might just be because he is my baby, but I find Scottie incredibly charismatic, but that would make him an extrovert. I know that this isn’t a science and nor is it the case that a horse will only fit into one small section, but still. I’m not sure how useful I would find it as a judge of a horses character…

Have you had your horse’s horsenality done?

Last Updated on 07/08/2018

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