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The Boredom Solution

Scottie in the stable

I’m sure most of you will know by now, that we are currently saddle-less. So Scottie is in very little (meaning no) work. Because of this, he has been getting quite bored, especially as Millie doesn’t really play with him and he doesn’t understand what a jolly ball is. So today, I decided I would bring him in and do something with him. I wasn’t sure what, maybe lunge or try getting on him bareback. However, Scottie had other ideas on how to relieve his boredom…


I’m not sure what part of pulling his shoe off was fun, but it must have been worth it as now we can’t do much to help entertain him until he gets it put back on! I bought him in from the field anyway and he walked fine all the way down the concrete track until we got to the gravel where he was a bit sore.


He went in his stable with a haynet while we gave Millie her first clip and then she went for a ride. Scottie really perked up when I got his saddle out to take photos for my For Sale page. He really seems to want to do something bless him, but he managed to screw himself pulling the shoe off!

However, on the plus side, we got our E dressage results today, 65% in Intro B. Not an improvement from our last intro B, but so happy with him since I found out the next day his saddle wasn’t right for him at all anymore!

Last Updated on 14/01/2022

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