September E Dressage

Today I got my E Dressage feedback, which got here much quicker than I expected and I was very happy with what they said!

The main comments were “unsteady outline” and not being quite on the centre line. The second of these should be fairly easy to improve, I just need to be more accurate. The outline will improve the more we do, although since we are still lacking a saddle and a shoe, it might not be improving too soon! We also scored another 8 for our halt!

I was really happy with out collective marks, we got our highest score ever of 7.5!
Rhythm : 7.5 (15)
Suppleness : 6.5 (13)
Contact : 6 (12)
Rider’s Position : 7 (14)
Rider’s Effectiveness : 6.5 (13)

Our final comments were pretty much what I expected; work more from behind, more suppleness, steadier contact. But the Judge said it was a “rhythmic test” with “much promise“. So hopefully we can improve on this and maybe even bump our scores up to 68% or higher!



What do you think?

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