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E Dressage Starter Membership

This month I decided to become a proper member of E Dressage. I went for the starter membership which is £15.99 a month. This includes one entry for the month, a selection of goodies, free entry into rider of the month, access to the the vault and audio feedback on my test with tips on how to improve.

The Goodies
I was very impressed with all the goodies you get when you become a member. I particularly like the Success Diary. I have had a lot of fun filling in all of Scottie’s information! But also, all the goal planning and analysing the good and bad points of both you and your horse is very useful. It really made me think about all our strengths and weaknesses and helped me prioritise what we need to work on. I really hope I get a new diary at the start of next year as I only have a few months left in this one!


The monthly magazine is also a brilliant idea. All the training tips are very useful and well explained. Also, I think the information is useful for riders at all levels as a lot of it tends to be simple changes/improvements to help improve your dressage scores. I also really like having all the months results and current leader boards included. Because, who doesn’t like seeing their name in a magazine?


The other bits and pieces are nice little touches too. The wall calender leaves plenty of space for non horsey notes as well as including all the possible information you would need for E Dressage. The pen, keyring and travel cup are great too. I’m sure it’s a given that us horsey-folk need our fair share of coffee on cold winter mornings at the yard, so a travel mug is always a great idea!


The vault
This is a fantastic training resource which again, can be fantastic for every horse and rider. All the information is clear and set out under helpful headings, so you can easily find what you are looking for. The first time I logged on I found at least 6 articles that would be completely relevant for me and Scottie, and that was just from a quick skim through the headings. I’m sure there is plenty more out there for us, especially as it is regularly updated.

Membership also allows you free entry into Rider of the Month, Q and A sessions and you get audio feedback on any tests included in your membership package. I haven’t taken part in any of these things yet, so I cannot review them for you. However, I will take part in them this month and let you know what I think of them all for you (well, mainly for me!)

Becoming a member was a brilliant idea. I loved the goodies, the vault and I’m really looking forward to getting my first audio feedback next month. If you plan on competing each month, I can highly recommend joining as it only works out £3.49 more per month and you get a lot more from it. If I start competing more I will also consider upgrading to one of the higher membership packages!

Last Updated on 07/08/2018

3 thoughts on “E Dressage Starter Membership”

  1. Sounds good. I will look forward to hearing how you get on. Focusing on the positive is good because as riders I think we notice what we did wrong more often.
    I do Interdressage and I do that instead because it’s not just dressage.
    We get feedback and tips as standard if you enter earlier enough. Plus you can submit footage to get specific feedback on an area you are working on.
    I was going to but plunged straight in.

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