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Back to Work!

scottie in his pessoa training system

Scottie finally got his shoes done yesterday, although he coped very well missing one! So today I brought him in today to do some work with him, after having nearly 2 weeks off. Surprisingly, he seemed very happy to see his lunging stuff! He usually goes and sulks at the back of his stable…

I was also expecting him to be a bit fresh and a bit excited. Scottie isn’t a huge fan of lunging, he gets a little unbalanced, gets worried, speeds up, gets even more unbalance ect. But none of this happened. He was very well behaved and worked very nicely in his pessoa in walk and trot. We also managed to get the correct canter lead on the right rein every time!

He has built up so much muscle over the past few months and has improved his right canter lead. I should hopefully have a new saddle by Wednesday and I am looking forward to seeing how he goes in it. I have been considering the possibility that the saddle may have been affecting his canter transitions.

I also have a few new exciting possibilities coming up. I will keep you informed if they happen, but I’m sure one of them you would be very excited by!

Last Updated on 14/01/2022

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