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Our Fence Problem

scottie escaping

I love the livery yard Scottie is at while we are at Uni. There is a school which hardly anyone uses, nice stables, 24/7 turnout in the summer fields and all day turnout in the winter fields. However, me and Scottie do have one, kinda big problem with this place, the fencing is all post and electric tape and is rubbish.

The wooden poles are old and not deep enough in the ground, so regularly need replacing. However, they replace them with plastic posts most of the time. Most of the tape is knackered too where it has been stretched, snapped and tied back together. But these things can be managed, if the fence actually had an electirc current running through it!

Scottie has been getting out of his field regularly for the past week at least and is now starting to break posts. So much so, that our yard manager has threatened to not allow him to be turned out. I think this is pathetic and I will be talking to the person who tells the yard manager what to do as actually connecting the fences to a power source would stop this problem completely!


In the winter turn out here last year he never escaped as the fence was electric. All the fencing at our yard at home is tape and posts and Scottie has never got out, because it is plugged into the mains. Fingers crossed a few words and photo evidence to the right person will actually stop this problem one way or another, or I don’t think we will be there much longer!

Sorry, it’s a bit of a moany one. But it’s all what has happened recently!

Last Updated on 14/01/2022

4 thoughts on “Our Fence Problem”

  1. I was browsing Haynet and I found you! I just have to say… does Scottie realise the grass is actually greener on his side of the fence? (And I love his innocent expression!)

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