Horse Owners Logic!

For the majority of horse owners, our horse’s come first. This means they get the best of everything and nearly everything we do  with them is to improve their mental and physical health. However, we often do not give ourselves the same five star treatment!

I spend a lot of the time analysing Scottie’s diet and researching other options to see what I could try. I also really enjoy making all his feeds. But when it comes to my diet, I eat a LOT of junk and rarely find the motivation to cook for myself.

Whenever Scottie needs a new rug/brush/headcollar/ect he gets it as soon as I know I have the money for it. Similarly, all his rugs get repaired before he is going to need them next. I hardly ever buy myself new clothes, despite the fact that the majority of my jeans an jhods now have holes in… the same goes for shoes…. think most of them have holes in them now too!

We all make sure our horses get enough rest as we wouldn’t want them to be tired would we! Meanwhile, we try to balance horse, work and social life, which often means cutting out valuable sleeping hours.

When they are injured, they get time off, special treatment and usually a good pampering as after all, its no fun being sore and uncomfortable. But when we are injured, we have to soldier on as the horses still need looking after and we still need to go to work, unless you are lucky enough to have someone step up and help you out.

If our horse has a ‘moment of madness’ and acts out of character or injures us, we get the vet, dentist, chiropractor, horse whisperer and any other professional we feel might be able to determine what the problem is. As we all know, our horse wouldn’t just do that, there must be a reason behind it. However, I can be pretty sure that if another human being acted in a similar way, I would be avoiding them afterwards, as they are obviously just odd.

I know there are lot’s of other ‘double standards’ we have when it comes to our horses, but these are some of my favourites. Please add any you think of below!



What do you think?

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