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Progress with Lasers!

laser therapy

On Friday Scottie had a physiotherapist out to look at the soreness in his back. I though he would need a good few treatments but I was looking forward to seeing how they would go about solving the problem. She used a mixture of laser therapy and muscle adjustments on the whole of his body, but especially his lumbar area where the problem had been.

Scottie responded very well to this treatment to the point that the physio believes she has completely ‘fixed’ the problem. This is great news as we will be able to start work again as soon as the saddler can get out to us. She also doesn’t think he has had the pain too long as he wasn’t that tense across his belly and it wasn’t affecting his movement. So that is also good news!

We have been given more stretches to do regularly. Once again, it has been suggested that we do carrot stretches. I don’t have a problem with carrot stretches, I think they are a great thing! However, Scottie has a bit of a problem when it comes to carrot stretches as he is a bit too food obsessed! It has never really been a problem, more that his nose gets in your way whenever you are doing anything with him because he is looking for treats…

But hopefully we should be back in action very soon!

Last Updated on 14/01/2022

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