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Proud (and slightly shocked) Post!


I’m sure many of you know that me and Scottie have had a lot of time off recently due to various back and saddle related problems. However, we managed to get our October E Dressage test in on time, despite not schooling since we filmed our September test! I got our result back last night and I was pleasantly surprised!

It hadn’t felt like a nice test, Scottie wasn’t really in the mood and I am still discovering how off my balance is since hurting my ribs! Trotting around the school last night I was a bit all over the place at times! Because of these things, I wasn’t expecting too much from our test. Just an okay score and some helpful feedback. But no, we got 62%. The exact same score we got when we did this test in August!

I was so proud of Scottie. He hadn’t improved on this score, however, after basically being off work for a month and then having me bounce around on top of him, I think this is fantastic! When I get my feedback sheet and my first ever audio feedback, I will let you all know what was said! I just thought I would share our score with you as I am having a proud mum moment!

Last Updated on 14/01/2022

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