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The Injured Jockeys Fund

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My Granddad was the one who inspired my love of horses, especially thoroughbreds. One of his favourite charities was The Injured Jockeys Fund. Racing is a very dangerous sport and many of us get so caught up with the welfare of the horses, that the jockeys are often over looked.

Like many physical jobs, if you are injured, you cannot work. This often means you do not get paid. The Injured Jockeys Fund was founded in the 60’s after two jockeys had nasty, career ending falls.

The charity works very closely with the UK racing industry to improve the health and safety of the jockeys. Some of the things they have funded are; on course physios and medics, improved safety wear and purchasing an EquiChute for the British Racing School. They also have rehabilitation centres to help support any jockeys recovering from injury or coming to terms with a career ending injury.

I know not everyone has the money to support every charity someone mentions to them. But The Injured Jockeys fund have some beautiful products which would make fantastic gifts for a horsey friend! (Or even yourself!) And all the proceeds go to the charity.

These are just some of my favourites:

Christmas/Greetings Cards
I love the injured jockeys cards, especially the Christmas ones. Since having Scottie I have even been
given one which looked a lot like him! I love the painting style and seeing all the new market rugs.

Barrel Bag
This is something I have seen before, I found it just now browsing the website. But I love it. The same/similar pattern can also be on  a rucksack, smaller bag or purse. I think it’s really sweet and I think it might be going on the Christmas list!

Place Mats
We still have my granddads old place mats for our dinner table. Ours have paintings of old racehorses on. The most recent ones have photos of races on them and look amazing.

Frankel Iphone case
Those of you lucky enough to own an Iphone, how about getting possibly the most famous racehorse of the decade on the back of it?

Please do visit the online store before doing your Christmas shopping! Just click here.

For more information on the work the charity does, please visit their website; The Injured Jockeys Fund.

Last Updated on 07/08/2018

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