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October E Dressage Feedback

scottie in the stable

Like I have mentioned in a previous post, October wasn’t our best E-Dressage. However, our result was better than expected. We scored all 6’s with a 7 for our final centre line and an 8 for our halt. We are getting consistent 8’s for our halt.

Good halt,

The judges comments were the same as usual; needs to be more supple, steadier contact, working over the back, ect. But this is to be expected after a month off! I hope to improve this month, but having realised that we are 1/3 of the way through the month and I have only schooled once and have a lot of assignments due in, and a jumping show beginning of December, so I am unsure how much flat schooling we will get done!

“Capable attractive horse,”

These are our collective marks for the month:
Rhythm: 7 (14)
Suppleness: 6 (12)
Contact: 6 (12)
Rider’s position: 6.5 (13)
Rider’s effectiveness: 6 (12)

This month was my first month receiving video feedback and I must say, it really is a lovely touch! Between the judge and Roseanna, they not only discus the good and weak points of your test, they also suggest exercises to try and set you aims in a way. Roseanna also points you towards articles in the vault she thinks will be particularly helpful to you.

I’m looking forward to our next feedback video, as this test wasn’t our greatest due to our lack of saddle. But we will be doing the Intro A again this month, so I am going to work hard and try and beat our score for this month! As usual, we have been told to work more over the back (so no more giraffe impressions Scottie!) and show more stretch. But hopefully these should start to come together soon.

Last Updated on 14/01/2022

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