Snuggy Hoods Jams


This time last year I bought my first Snuggy Hoods product, a turnout hood to keep Scottie’s face clean while out in the field because he is a mud monster! While I was on the website, I stumbled across the Jams set and all their matching accessories. At the time I thought it was a cute idea but I didn’t need any more rugs and honestly didn’t have the money.

Over the past year I have seen Snuggy Hoods products around more and more and finally decided I wanted the matching rug and hood jams for Scottie. It was my 21st over the weekend and my parents said they would get it for me. But my mum insisted I get the matching legs too!

I chose one of the cute patterns, but you can also get plain, neutral colours, if you think your horse will look too silly. I personally think Scottie looks even cuter looking a bit silly! I love it!


The hood was a bit tricky to put on, I’m lucky that Scottie is very good and stands there blind waiting for me to sort out what I’m doing! A spooky or head shy horse might have a problem with this! But I’m sure there must be an easier way to put it on… I just need to find it. The rug also has to go over the head, which could cause a problem!

The rug, hood and stable/travel boots are all fantastic quality. They are all fleece and are so soft and cosy!
And there are links on their website about how to put on the hood ect, I just didn’t think it watch them… Have a look at the Jams rugs here.

There are sooo many matching bits and pieces you can get too. I also got myself a fleece saddle cover and think will be adding some other bits and pieces to my Christmas list! (possibly even my own matching Onesie!)





View all of Snuggy Hoods products here.



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