The BFG ~ Officially 17h!

One of the women at the yard has two young daughters who love Scottie. They always come over and say hello and they have recently started calling him BFG (Big Friendly Giant!) Which is so true for him! The youngest daughter is probably the size of his head, but he is always very gentle and friendly towards them, which is great at they can be a bit nervous around horses. I don’t think they have spent a huge amount of time around horses.

We have also been wondering for a while whether  Scottie has grown recently after a few people, including the saddler said they think he has reached 17h. We have also noticed that standing next to other 16.3h horses, Scottie looks taller! Unfortunately, I only have a height tape, which isn’t hugely easy or accurate for working out a horses height, especially once they are above eye level! However, I have heighted him a few times recently and it does seem to be that Scottie is now officially 17h…

So I’m now a proud owner of a GIANT!



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