Wocket Woy and Nobby: Weal life Wacehorses!

I’m sure many of you will have read my other post about Mattie bachs comedy videos and the good I think they do for the reputation of racehorses. (If you haven’t, read it here.) This post is to give those of you who are interested in these horses, a little bit more information about them, so you can look out for them at the races!

We all know this lovable grey gelding as Wocket Woy, but his racing name is Mr Muddle. He is 8 years old and out of Imperial Dancer and Spatham Rose. He is currently trained by Sheena West and his regular jockey is Marc Goldstein, who you probably know as ‘The Producer’.
He has ran 4 times so far this year and has placed second 3 times and first once! So He is having a very good year so far!

Or Ya Hafed as he is known in racing is a 7 year old gelding. He is also currently trained by Sheena West and is out of Haafhd and Rule Britannia. His regular jockey is the one and only Mathew Bachelor!
So far this year he has run 4 times and won two of those races!


So if you are the betting type, both these horses are worth a small flutter! Keep an eye out for them at the races!




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