Pony for Jack; The perfect excuse!

I’m sure many of you who only have one horse love the idea of getting another one. Unfortunately, the extra costs and time often make having a second horse next to impossible. However, I have come up with the perfect solution (it’s just a shame it wont be happening!)

My boyfriend isn’t horsey at all. However he is a real animal lover and really loves small ponies. I have therefore decided that Jack needs a pony, purely because I like the idea of having another one! Went I bought it up jokingly, he really was’t against the idea.

Since then, I have had a lot of fun thinking of what sort of pony he needs (I want!) I was thinking a cob/hardy native type around 14.2h who can cope with only being ridden occasionally. They should also be cheap and easy to keep… something he can afford and something that wont be much more hassle for me to look after. It would essentially be a happy hacker/ride and drive, with the occasional jump.

Anyone else looking for an excuse to buy another horse/pony?


What do you think?

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