Pink Gin ~ First pony experience.

I met  Pink Gin (Ginny) when I was 13. She was owned by the same person who owned Peggy. I started helping the family with Ginny and Peggy, helping his sons learn to ride as they became more interested in horses. Ginny was my first experience of what it would be like to have my own pony.


I quickly built up a good bond with her and had all the fun children have with their own ponies. We went hacking, jumping logs and ditches and having a good gallop across fields as well as jumping and having my first experiences of real shows.


She was an easy, probably a first pony. However, I don’t remember her having a huge amount of talent. When I heard she was for sale, my parents really considered buying her, however, we couldn’t afford it at the time and we had to say goodbye.

A year or so ago, a friend of mine sent me a photo of a couple of horses at a riding college. We are 90% sure one of them is Ginny as she is quite recognisable. It was nice to know she is still around and healthy.




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